“How much are you willing to sacrifice, for freedom?”

Through a combination of unfortunate events Tatsuo Akagi () ends up in the clutches of evil scientists. After being kidnapped he wakes up in an underground laboratory, where an experimental drug is forced into his system, turning him into a “halfling”. Now half animal (Phoenix) and half human, he is sold to an illegal Maid Café that is run by the mafia.

There are only a few ways to escape the slavery in the café and each of them is potentially lethal…

But if he wants to survive in the café at all, he has to fight for the attention of the regular guests, but he isn’t the only one trying to escape the Black Rose Café

How will you reach that goal? Through seduction? Intrigue? Or will you try to gain the hearts of the guests by showing your true colors…?

*The name of the main character is changeable by the individual users.



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