Black Rose Café Gallery

In this Gallery you can find a few of the CGs and background pictures from the game. If you want to see a bigger version of a picture, just click on it.

Please don’t repost/reblog our Pictures without our company logo! We put a lot of hard work in drawing them and we would be righteously angry if we were to find our pictures on other sites or even in other games.
To be honest I (harufuu) would personally skin the person, who steals and uses our images for their own uses, alive if I get them!!! Oh, in addition to that Ki Fushichou will sue you in our name. So see this as a warning and remember: Artists want to be respected too.
The bottom line is: Just don’t do it. You’ll regret it. ^^




This is a picture of the Black Rose Café, where you will be working.


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