Maia (changeable)

??? Characterbox IconThe daughter of a nobleman, who fell from grace and was executed by the Pharaoh. With no where to go and no money, she decides to take the only job she can get: servant at the royal palace. Hoping no one will recognize her, she finds herself in the middle of a dangerous plot…



??? Characterbox IconThe crown prince, who sees conspiracy around every corner. He knows there is something afoot, but will you help him prove it, or will you end up falling under his suspicion?

Though he may not be a muscled soldier, but his mind is as cunning as a falcons. Who knows? He just may be coming for you…

“Even in the deepest Saharan night, I will find you”



??? Characterbox IconSecond in line for the throne and a strong headed general; he knows what he wants: the Throne. Will he reach his goal?

Seeing his brother as unfit to rule, he will do just about anything to get what he wants. Even manipulate those he loves…

“With your help, we can rule Egypt together”