Are you a character or background artist looking for an adventure into ancient egypt, where you can really show off your skills? Or are you a composer, looking for a new challenge?-Then we currently have the project for you:
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Pharaoh no kokoro!

–Who’s side are you on?-

In a war torn Egypt, plots are under way to replace the Pharao, in a rather nasty way. Assassins are crawling the very halls of the palace and as if life wasn’t hard enough, you seem to be the only person who can stop them!

Will you choose to help the Pharaoh and his eldest son, to keep the crumbling throne of Egypt, or will you take up the side of the conspirators to put another prince on the throne, get revenge and help make the loathsome ruler “disappear”?

Choose your side, and may the gods of Egypt (mis-)lead you. :wink:

What we want:


We need at least one background artist, who can do interior pictures. If you have some know how when it comes to ancient Egypt, it is a plus, but not a must. Since this will be a relatively short game, we are currently counting around ten to max. 15.
If you are interested, we would like to see some pictures from you, that we can judge your skill by.

We would like to have character artists as well. These artists will need to be able to draw both men and women and especially abs (no, we didn’t pick the topic so we could stare at topless men all day…no, of course not!) :wink:
If you can also draw animals somewhat, then that would also be a major plus, since we will be having three Egyptian gods in the game.
There are a good deal of characters (a hand full of side characters, with no name or distinguishing features), but they will max have 3 Sprite. The main characters will have about 5.
For this job, we would also like to have some example pictures, of things you have done before, including different facial expressions (sprites) in manga or anime style.


As a composer, we would like it, if you could give us some tunes with an Egyptian touch.
For example: Youtube you are free to do your own thing though, as long as it fits to the topic!
We need a main theme, an “action/espionage”-style melody, a song for when the gods appear (dream sequence) and something for the end credits. If you want to do more, you are more than welcome to do so!
The melodies should be playable in a loop.
If this sounds like something for you, then send us a link with some of your work or make a song that you think could fit!

The game itself is still under construction, but a good part of it is scripted and the plot is completely planned out. In short, it’s going to be a visual novel with distinct detective/spy like elements and a lot of conspiracy. (…and yummy abs). ^-^


How to submit or contact us:

You can either answer here, or visit our facebook page:
You can write us in English or German!We are looking forward to your submissions!