Love interests

Nao Shinohara

??? Characterbox IconA reserved, but very intelligent character. Cursed with the genes of an iriomote neko, he has been in the Café the longest and was born into servitude. While he runs the bar and has the most freedom of all the slaves, he has a dark secret, just waiting to be revealed…

Can you uncover his secret and get out alive?

“This place has a darkness you should never be exposed to. Fly away little one, while you still can…”


Kichiro Haruki

??? Characterbox IconA wolf hybrid with a very protective nature. Being a servant of one of the mafia bosses, he took it upon himself to protect said boss with his claws and fangs, if necessary. Be ware of a wolf on the prowl.

Will you earn his protection, or will he protect his boss from you?

“No one under my protection will ever have to be afraid. Let me save you…”


Yoritaka Shou

??? Characterbox IconA soft hearted mafia boss, who really should have tried to get another job. He has personal reasons, why he is still in the game and a motive no one would suspect from someone as kind as him. With the wolf by his side, he just may get what he wants…

Can you unravel his motives? Do you dare?

“My kindness may get me killed, but it’s the only thing separating me from these beasts. So, let me be kind to you”


Hitoya Satoshi

??? Characterbox IconArrogance and power have never known a truer form as in Hitoya. While others try to get rid of this powerful boss, most just want to be him. He has a slave who follows him around like a loyal puppy and runs a tight ship like no one else.

Can you break into his heart and see his true face?

“It is said that love is only for the feeble…, but I may not be so strong after all…”


More coming soon!